About Misting

Misting is basically flash evaporation of water. Based on flash evaporation of water technology we can achieve temperature drop upto 10 - 12 degrees celsius in hot summer.

When fine molecules of water size 10 - 20 microns sprayed in hot air it gets evaporated instantly using the heat in the air and resulting instant drop in temperature. This is flash evaporation of water / MISTING

What We Do

We give you the perfect solution for your outdoor cooling and make sure that your outdoor area gets cool and u feel the drop in temperature by Misting.

Outdoor cooling by Misting if very much cost effective and also the running cost for the same is also very less as compared to AC.

For small outdoor areas like 100 - 200 sq ft MIST FAN is also recommended from us and it is also very effective and cools your outdoor.